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Tips for Parents
Have your children read a selection silently before reading it out loud. This helps build confidence and understanding.

Dear Parents,

One of the most important skills our children learn is reading. Reading creates a strong, positive influence and builds a foundation for a lifetime of significant benefits.

PARP stands for Parents As Reading Partners. PARP is a program designed to foster the love of reading in children by asking parents to set aside 15 minutes daily to read with their children. PARP events are held at schools nationwide and Stratford Road has hosted this important event for more than 10 years!

We proudly invite you to join Stratford Road's "Reading Rocks: Read like a Rock Star" Principal's Challenge. Minutes read will add musical notes to our display throughout the week. This package will serve as your guide for the week. Please look through this packet with your child and become familiar with the activities planned for the week.

PARP celebrates the importance of reading in our everyday lives. Spending just 15 minutes a day reading with your child helps "grow a reader" and raises the potential for academic and lifelong success. No one is ever too old to be read to. Take this opportunity to participate in as many of these enjoyable activities designed to get your family reading together and establish good reading habits that will last a lifetime.

The PARP Committee

Elissa Friedman, Jennifer Reamer, Aliza Greenberg and Missy Bartoletta




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