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Tips for Parents
Use the library with your children. Help them learn how to locate books with the help of catalogs and librarians.

Materials for Kids and Partners

This page contains many of the handouts that were provided to our students for PARP 2007, and more.
In order to view these documents, you will need to have Adobe Acrobat installed on your computer. You can download it here.
Big Top Adventures Books to Read
The main tent of a circus is called the Big Top. Look for these and other circus adventures at the POB Public Library.

An Extra Ticket
Books introduce us to wonderful imaginary people like Junie B. Jones, Mrs. Frizzle and Captain Underpants. Who is your favorite? What literary character would you bring to the circus if you had an extra ticket? Would they become part of the show? Would You? Write a story to tell what happens and draw a picture of your circus trip.

PARP 2007 Calendar
Our PARP 2007 Calendar in an easy to download and print format.

Carry a Poem in Your Pocket Celebrate poetry by carrying a poem in your pocket to share with friends, classmates, teachers and family. We've included some ideas but feel free to choose any poem you like or even write your own.

Circus Acts
Please color in and return one circus act on the day listed for every 15 minutes or more that you read each night during PARP week. We will be keeping track of how many minutes the entire school reads!

Community Service Event
As part of the PARP program, we will be collecting new and gently used books to donate to Saratoga Family Inn in Jamaica, Queens. We can accept books for children of all ages, as well as for adults.

Library Happenings
See what is happening at both the school and POB Library during PARP.

Principals Challenge
If our school reads for 10,000 minutes during PARP, Mrs. Clark will treat everyone to Italian ices!

Silly Story Mad Lib
This is a 2-player game, using a reader and a writer. The reader needs a pencil. Only the reader gets to see the story. The reader asks the writer to choose words described to fill in the blank spaces. The reader jots them down in the story. When finished, the reader reads back a silly story that the writer created about a visit to the circus. Have fun!

Test Your Book Strength
Circuses have tests of strength. Try these matching games to prove your book strength!




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