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Tips for Parents
Set a good example, let your children see you reading.

PARP is a statewide program designed to encourage children to read at home with their parent/guardian, grandparents or siblings for 15 minutes each day. Learning to read is the single most important activity in a child's education.

Studies show that children who read at home are better prepared to succeed in formal education. PARP asks parents/guardians to encourage their children to read, impressing upon them the fact that reading can be fun as well as informative. Reading to our children further helps to supplement the excellent reading programs currently used in our school.

PARP 2007
"Books are Your Greatest Show on Earth"

Welcome to Parents As Reading Partners (PARP). Please take some time to become familiar with the activities planned for the next week. We have included some helpful information below:

    Monday, March 12 PARP Kick off
    Auditorium shows by the National Circus Project to start off the week.

    Monday, March 12 Wear Your Circus Tattoo
    Show your spirit for PARP with your circus tattoo.

    Monday, March 12 Family Recommendation Night
    Ask a family member to recommend a book for you to read.

    Tuesday, March 13 "An Extra Ticket"
    Return your creative writing and drawing activity that asks "what character from a book would you bring to the circus if you had an extra ticket?"

    Tuesday, March 13 Read A T-Shirt Day
    Students and staff are invited to wear a t-shirt with words on it.

    Tuesday, March 13 Read A Magazine or Newspaper Night
    Spend some time Reading Newsday's Kid's section or a favorite magazine.

    Wednesday, March 14 Carry A Poem in Your Pocket
    Bring a poem to school and share it with a friend.

    Wednesday, March 14 Books online Night at
    Visit the Kids Plus section of the P-OB library website. Find links to favorite author websites, games and much more. Internet access available at the library.

    Thursday, March 15 DEAR - Drop Everything And Read
    Have your book ready so you can drop everything and read at a special time during the day.

    Thursday, March 15 Family Game Night
    Turn off the TV and play a word game like Boggle, Scrabble or 20 questions with a literary theme.

    Friday, March 16 Sock It To Reading
    Wear crazy or mismatched socks to school to show your spirit for PARP Week

    Friday, March 16 Guest Reader Day
    Special invited guests will visit with students and read to them. Prizes for all students!

    Friday, March 16 Raffle Prizes Awarded
    Library raffles will be drawn at lunch. Each grade will have a winner.

    Friday, March 16 Family Night Out 7:00 PM
    Come to Stratford Road to celebrate with a spectacular circus performance from The National Circus Project. Advance reservations suggested.

At-Home Activities:
  • Visit the PARP website to read our Students' Visions.
Remember, you can find all of our PARP 2007 materials right here.

Principal's Challenge
If school-wide reading goals are met, our principal will provide a special treat for our students.

Web Site:
We are very pleased to present, once again, the Stratford Road School PTA PARP web site! Online, the children will be responding to questions about reading during their regularly scheduled library time. You can check this site daily for updates and to read your child's responses. You can find almost all of the materials for PARP 2007 on the Materials Page.

The PARP projects were designed to be both simple and fun and we hope your child and their reading partner enjoy doing them. Even after PARP is officially over, you should continue reading with your child every day!

Kathy Rea & Stefanie Nelkens
The Stratford Road School PTA PARP Committee




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