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Set a good example, let your children see you reading.


Please note that these links are to sites located elsewhere on the Internet. The Stratford Road School PTA cannot be responsible for their content. As of March 2, 2002 all of the sites listed are active and appear to have proper privacy statements that specifically address children's privacy rights. Should you find anything to the contrary, please write the and tell us what you found and where we can find it.
  • Scholastic: Resources and materials for kids, teachers, and parents.

  • WonderVista: The site where stories are told. New stories every week.

  • Kid Chef: Where kids rule the kitchen.

  • Kids Kings of the Kitchen: Great ideas on topics such as finding recipes that make the most mess, but taste the best!

  • Look Learn and Do: A site where kids can read great books, learn interesting history and facts, and build fun projects with easy to follow, illustrated plans.

  • MysteryNet's Kids Mysteries: Mysteries to solve, scary stories, magic tricks, and contests. New mystery every week.

  • Book Adventure Book Adventure is a FREE, reading incentive program dedicated to encouraging kids in grades K-8 to read. With the help of Rex Reader and Bailey Bookmark, kids have more than 4,000 of the most popular and acclaimed titles from which to choose. Book Adventure was created by the Sylvan Learning Foundation and is a non-profit organization.

  • Kid's Place: Fun stuff, brain teasers, book reviews for kids and more.

  • World of Reading is designed to be an educational, challenging, and safe web site. Its purpose is to excite children about reading, writing, and publishing; while increasing their knowledge of the internet. Its goal is to provide children of all ages with interesting materials to explore, and to encourage active participation in reading and writing through the use of electronic communications.

  • Crayola: Games, activities and materials dedicated to the power of inspiration.

  • DiscoveryKids.Com: Great information and resources for kids from the Discovery Channel.

  • DiscoverySchool.Com: Resource site for kids, parents, and teachers.

  • Smokey the Bear: Join Smokey for some forest and campfire fun. And, along the way, discover Smokey's rules for forest fire safety and prevention so that you can become a member of Smokey's team!

  • National Wildlife Federation: Visit Ranger Rick's Kids Zone for stories and information on protecting our wild animal friends.

  • NASA Kids: A great site for kids by the folk who've been there, done that.

  • Funorama: Fun activities and books for kids. Online children's book store that offers fun and creative activities to download. Reviews of children's books too.

  • Family Friendly Site 4 Kids: A fun place for kids to be on the internet.

  • Animals, Myths and Legends: Tales from OBAN the Knowledge Keeper. Read amazing stories, solve puzzles, and help save the world.




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