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Tips for Parents
Use the library with your children. Help them learn how to locate books with the help of catalogs and librarians.

PARP is a statewide program designed to encourage children to read at home with their parent/guardian, grandparents or siblings for 15 minutes each day. Learning to read is the single most important activity in a child's education.

Studies show that children who read at home are better prepared to succeed in formal education. PARP asks parents/guardians to encourage their children to read, impressing upon them the fact that reading can be fun as well as informative. Reading to our children further helps to supplement the excellent reading programs currently used in our school.

PARP 2002
Reading is a Piece of Cake

Welcome to Parents/People As Reading Partners (PARP). Please take some time to become familiar with the activities planned for the next week. We have included some helpful information below:

In-School Events:

  • Monday, March 18, PARP 2002 Kickoff!
  • Tuesday, March 19, to Thursday, March 21 - Book Swap Drop Off.
  • Tuesday, March 19 - Principal's Challenge sheet is due.
  • Wednesday, March 20 - Guest Reader Day.
  • Thursday, March 21 - Bookmark activity is due.
  • Tuesday, March 19 - PARP Assembly Survey is due.
  • Friday, March 22 - Book Swap.
  • Monday, March 25 - Book Review is due.
  • Monday, March 25 - Piece of Cake Party. Cake will be served to all students during lunch.
  • Ongoing Activities:
    • We are collecting food donations starting on Tuesday, March 19 through Monday, March 25.
    • Watch our Pieces-of-Cake grow as we meet our reading goals.
For a copy of the PARP 2002 Calendar, Click here. (pdf)

Please Note that only activities with due dates will be collected. The rest are activities to enjoy at home with your child.

At-Home Activities:

  • Visit the PARP website to read our Students' Visions.
  • Write Book Review.
  • Complete the PARP Assembly Survey.
  • Word Search Puzzles.
  • Make a Bookmark Activity.
  • Crossword Puzzle.
  • Think up something you would love to see our Principal, Mrs. Weinstein do for the Principal's Challenge, then complete the form.
  • Find a gently used or new book to bring in for the Book Swap.
Food Donations
Beginning Tuesday, March 19th and continuing to Monday, March 25th, we will be collecting food that will be donated to Island Harvest. For each day that your child reads for 15 minutes or more, please send in a food item the next day. Please send in only canned or boxed nonperishable goods. No glass please! This is how we will map our progress on Create-A-Cake chart.

Slice of Cake Book Review
Please ask your child to choose a book they would like to recommend to a friend. Then, on the project sheet, have your child complete the information requested so it can be included on the PARP bulletin board. Please retun the review form by Monday, March 25.

Book Swap
Help our children recycle books by bringing them to our Book Swap. Every child is asked to swap a gently used or new book. The books should be age-appropriate for your child's grade. Please send the book in Tuesday, March 19 through Thursday, 21. On Friday, March 22, your child will get to select a book!

Principal's Challenge
If school-wide reading goals are met, our principal will perform three challenges proposed by our students. Please submit suggestions by Tuesday, March 19th.

Web Site:
We are very pleased to present, once again , the Stratford Road School PTA PARP web site! Online, the children will be responding to questions about reading and cooking/baking during their regularly scheduled library time. You can check this site daily for updates and to read your child's responses. You can find almost all of the materials for PARP 2002 on the Materials Page.

The PARP projects were designed to be both simple and fun and we hope your child and their reading partner enjoy doing them. Even after PARP is officially over, you should continue reading with your child every day!

Pamela Ricketts & Arlene Pickus, Co-Chairs
The Stratford Road School PTA PARP Committee




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