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Tips for Parents
Look over materials for words that might be unfamiliar to your children. Pronounce and explain those words.

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WWW.PARP.ORG is operated by the Stratford Road School PTA of Plainview, New York as a service to the students, teachers, staff, & parents of our school and community.

Privacy is a major concern today, and we want you to know that absolutely no information is gathered about the visitors to our site that do not attempt any malicious acts against the site.

WWW.PARP.ORG's main audience are the parents and students of our community. All pages, scripts, and other devices used for posting information are subject to strict logging. Any and all illegal actions will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law in the interest of our children.

The technical implementation and hosting of the site is handled by BigNoseBird.Com. It is requested that you address any concerns you might have with the site to



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